December 14, 2020

Only posting now what went out to friends three and four weeks ago. It’s up belatedly to more fully document the trajectory of pain, slow healing, and the beginnings of my moving forward; doing so honestly and thoroughly. I’ll keep posting at least once a month.

I’m writing this holiday season to share a more qualitative update and to answer the simple question posed by a friend with whom I consulted in the midst of my sabbatical, who wrote this weekend after his wife asked, “I wonder how’s Ari doing?” The friend realized he didn’t know, and so was prompted to ask — And I realized I hadn’t fully communicated with the well over two hundred important folks who’d reached out since the news of my stepping down from Mosaic. …

January 9 into 10, 2021

59, as it turns out, was a hard year; a bad year? I’m not sure. I’m not sure 58 was so much better — It didn’t start that way; Dad’s death; the big artistic setback of the same time — but 58 had its producing highlights (when I used to think about producing highlights. Guess what? I still do!) Flash forward to this year of pandemic struggle; cascading crises; an organizational coup; a White Supremacist riot. My final week of 59 was spent catching up on medical appointments — too many — with the Capitol insurrection sandwiched in the middle. A Covid Test on Monday (came back negative Friday morning); Tuesday, the one good writing day (god bless); Wednesday, dentist, chiropractor, Trader Joe’s (always a strategic ordeal, bordering on a surgical strike); Thursday shingles vaccination from my primary care doc who refers me to a hand specialist for x-rays on my right middle finger, injured (sprained, not broken, it turns out) packing up the back of the Prius in Chicago with too much frozen Romanian kosher meat in one grocery tote bad wrapped sideways around a finger idiotically; gruesome Colonoscopy electrolyte prep Thursday along with flu-like reactions to the shingles shot; and then Friday’s colonoscopy (want the details? TMI! — I’ll be back for more fun soon enough with a different prep). The upshot: There’s a good reason to avoid 6 medical visits in a week! But there’s a better reason to submit. Submit I did. Depressed I got! But I’ve rallied, last night and all day today. Why? Cause I got a great family. …

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Ari Roth Public Statement, November 18, 2020

It is with profound sadness that I announce my resignation from Mosaic Theater Company of DC, the company I founded on December 24, 2014 to be a home for socially relevant drama and cross-cultural discourse. …


Ari Roth

Ari Roth is an award winning playwright, producer, and winner of the 2017 DC Mayor's Arts Award for Visionary Leadership.

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